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Beautiful Harp Music for all your weddings, parties, &  special occasions. Private harp lessons available for all ages. 
  Reuben Correa's    
Phone - 612-386-8196

See Reuben Play Greensleeves 
Indoor wedding framed in the strings of Reuben's harp in the Sunken Garden at the Como Park Conservatory, St. Paul, MN
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 Reuben's bio is at the end of this page.

   Reuben Correa is a freelance professional harpist with over 30 years of performing concerts, public,and private special occasions. He plays beautiful harp music in a fusion of folk and classical musical stylings. 
Mr. Correa has a repertoire that includes an extensive list of well known songs and a private stock of award winning original compositions.

New Service
Plan to book Reuben's New Stroke Recovery Presentations for your club or organization.
Reuben demonstrates his recovery process within a humorous, touching blend of stories and music.
612-386-8196 please text
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 Wedding in the Link at Westwood Community Church, Excelsior, MN  

Reuben's  most popular rate is  $225.00 

It includes:

 1.  One full hour of Reuben 's time at your event.

 2.  Free Harp delivery within the 494 / 694 Twin Cities Loop

 3. A Free phone consultationto choose the music for your event.



4. Free warm - up and brief prelude.





  Call or text  612-386-8196 please leave a detailed message in case Reuben is performing or teaching.

Additional hours book at only $150.00 per hour or fraction of an hour.


"Friendly" framing a view the north shore of Lake Superior in the background

 Click on the Music / CD  button or use the mini player at the top of the page. Click the small arrow to find the selection and the large arrow to play it

 Listen to popular wedding  selections such as "Canon in D," "Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring" and "Prelude in C" on his CD entitled "Sea Whisperings."

This cd is Reuben's Celtic Inspired original compositions and well known classics cd. It has 9 of Reuben's original compositions and arrangements of well known classics such as Canon in D and Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring and an extended version of Greensleeves 50:00+ min.

You can hear full versions of the tracks on Youtube in case the player doesn't work on your phone.

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If you are interested in taking harp lessons, you will find that Mr Correa comes to a location of your choosing or home.

Harp Lessons

Reuben Correa is a traveling teacher rather than you schlepping your harp to his home office he comes to you.

Lessons are one hour in length and range from $60.00 if you are located within the Hwy 494/694 loop and up to $80.00 depending on the distance beyond that. He has a 70 mile limit.

  Reuben supplies all lesson materials and has recommendations to obtain a harp.

Mr. Correa recommends that if you don't have a harp already, you should rent one before you buy to make sure that you have the passion for it.


A New CD just released titled

"A Peaceful Journey"

Harp music for moments of  tranquility and healing.

It will be a CD of originals by Reuben L. Correa. 



This CD is music that is just like Reuben's other CD's, recorded as a solo harp, as if he's sitting in your living room without you having to feed him.


 This CD is for the purpose of providing relaxing, calming, and healing moments.  With over 30 years of playing special occasions and healing sessions Reuben has studied the healing, pain reduction, and stress relieving nature of music. Especially harp music.

 Healing through music is enhance by bringing the heart rate down to an average of 60 beats per minute.

 Reuben strives to do just that... to create a healing sounds evironment with the Artistic and creative intertwining of melodies, and harmonies he doesn't use special effects or pre-recorded sounds or singing, just harp.The price for this new CD is $15.00.


Send checks and shipping address to Reuben Correa 6022 Golden Valley Rd. Minneapolis, MN 55422

Referrals and Comments


 (Here is a comment from J. and S. married on the Northshore)

 "Reuben's harp music envelopes you in an aura of beautiful, soothing, uplifting harp music." J. & S.. Northshore wedding.


 Mr. Correa's arrangements of cheerful Celtic melodies to popular music, show tunes, favorite hymns and classical music uplift the spirits of your guests

 Reuben also has a multitude of award winning original compositions to make your event unique.


   "Reuben's harp music is an unforgettable and Delightful experience."  - Kim & Claire L.     Museum wedding in Minneapolis

 Reuben is  popular with audiences at concerts, recitals, special events and private occasions


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Reuben now offers a lighted harp for your evening and candle light events



Black, Sunflower and teal are popular colors this year. 

Many couples prefer softly changing colors throughout the evening as wellIMG_20130227_183722_resized.jpg





Reuben's new traveling teaching harp which he brings to the student's lessons for demonstrations

Getting to Know Reuben 

Reuben was born in Wichita, Kansas in the Neolithic period his discovery was hailed as the missing link.

 He studied the piano as a child and continued lessons into High School. At that same time he learned how to play the tuba and joined the West High School marching band in Torrance Ca., where his family settled after many years of living in different states due to his father's job.

He enlisted in the United States Air Force after high school and pursed a medical career.  

 After 11 years in the Air Force he enrolled in Bethel University in Arden Hills, MN. To continue his musical studies. This is where he learned the harp.


He began harp lessons in the 2nd semester of his freshman year.  Reuben was trained by Anne Ransome, the secondary harpist for the Minnesota Orchestra. He also trained with Frances Miller, harp teacher to the upper midwest through the University of Minnesota.

Mr. Correa is now a freelance professional harpist, peaceful healing harp practitioner, recording artist, and gives private harp lessons. He resides in Minneapolis Minnesota with his family.

He has played beautiful harp music nationally and internationally for over 30 years.

Mr. Correa has performed throughout the United States and internationally in such distant countries as France and Canada and Singapore.

His passion is creating tranquil uplifting and healing music that is both relaxing and entertaining.

Reuben is a popular All Occasion musician including hospital and hospice visits.  

His style can be described as a fusion of Celtic and classical ambience. Reuben Correa's audiences enjoy a variety of genres ranging from Renaissance, light classics, Celtic favorites, traditional hymns, very light jazz and folk tunes.    

He also has and performs a large body of award-winning original compositions, some of which are available on recordings and manuscript.

    His intent is to bring the music of this ancient instrument into the 21st century where a wider range of listeners can relate to the music without obscuring its ancient origins.


  As a harp teacher Reuben is a patient teacher who learns how the student learns best and teaches them accordingly.  He allows them to progress at their own pace by leading them into the world of making music.  Reuben teaches harp technique, basic music theory, composition and improvisation. He has written an instructional harp series to teach his students.

You can contact him on this web site by clicking on the contact button,

or by email:

or by calling or texting him at 612-386-8196



















































































































Monday, November 5th, 2018

Courage Center cafeteria

Lunchtime Concert - 12:00 - 1:00pm

Golden Valley Minnesota

Reuben will play a lunch-time concert for rehabilitation Patients, Families and Staff.

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Monday, December 3rd, 2018

Courage Center cafeteria

Lunchtime Concert - 12:00 - 1:00pm

Golden Valley Minnesota

Reuben will play a lunchtime concert of favorites and originals for the rehabilitation center's patients, family members, and staff.

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Monday, December 3rd, 2018

Courage Center cafeteria

Lunchtime Concert - 12:00 - 1:00pm

Golden Valley Minnesota

Reuben will play a lunchtime concert of favorites and originals for the rehabilitation center's patients, family members, and staff.

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