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2019 - 2021 Grant to provide Lunchtime Concerts for the Patients and staff at the Courage Kenney Rehabilitation Center, Golden Valley, MN

2014 1st place Emerging Styles  Category,  Scottish Harp Society of America Competition

2009 - Reuben's composition "Mis Hermanos" from his (Sea Whisperings CD) was nominated for BEST SOLO INSTRUMENTAL SONG for the JPF (Just Plain Folks) Independent Music Awards. This song was announced as a nominee in the top 20 compositions in his category from a field of over 500,000 in 98 categories, from over 100 countries.

2006 -  Reuben's composition "Chasin My Tail was nominated for BEST INSTRUMENTAL SONG" for the JPF Music Awards. This song was a finalist in one of 38 categories. The JPF organization sifted through over 360,000 entries from over 100 Countries over a two year period.

2005 -    A local Children's Hospital has decided to place a copy of Reuben Correa's CD Sea Whisperings into each patient room.

 2004 - 2010 November & December: Musical Entertainment for the passengers at the Lindberg International Airport in Minneapolis, MN

2005  - 8 years of performing artistic and Peaceful Healing music in over twenty three units in a local hospital for Children

2002  - 10 years Performance of Peaceful Healing music at the Our Lady of Good Counsel Cancer Hospice. St. Paul, MN

2002 - Aurora Borealis Harp Fest Workshops and Master classes, organized, developed and presented   curriculum, for performance and medicinal music. Anchorage, Alaska

2002 - Opening Concert and World Premier of Shimmering Dancing Lights a piece Reuben Correa composed for multiple harps for the University of Alaska, Anchorage Celtic Festival. On this occasion 16 harpers were on stage. 7 of them were children.

2001 - 100th Anniversary Celebration for the Dominican Sisters of healing for those with incurable disease – Starlight Ballroom, Waldorf Astoria, NY city, NY.

1996 - 1999 Minnesota Orch. Sommerfest, Market Platz stage, Minneapolis, MN

1993 - Top 5 finalist in the world in Dinan, Brittany - France, Composition division of the Internationales Recontres De Harpe Celtique, ( The world's only competition for new music created soley for the Celtic Harp) His entry, was a tone poem: "Oceana" which included special techniques he developed on his own to mimic the voice of a whale..

1993 -  Mont St. Michel - Performance in the upper courtyard and in the Marve` (Marvel)chapel.

1993 -  Eifel Tower - Paris, France

1992 - 1st in the professional division, and 1st place over all competitors San Diego Scottish Highlander Games, Celtic Harp Competition San Diego - California .

1991 – Present: Independent Label, With five recordings and two music books has sold over 10,000 units and sells and distributes his music to many oulets and on his website: www.reubencorrea.com


Bachmans, Carlson Towers,   Basilica of St. Mary,    Chanhassen Bank,    Calvary Lutheran Church,    Children's Hospitals & Clinics of MN,    Como Park,      Edina Realty,    Embassy Suites,     General Mills, Hilton Hotel Downtown Minneapolis, IDS,     Life Sources,     Mall of America Christmas Events,     Metropolitan Airport Commission Minneapolis / St. Paul International Airport,  Minneapolis Institute of Arts,     Minnesota History Center,    Minnesota Landscape Arboretum,     Our Lady of Good Counsel Cancer Hospice,     Paradyz Matera,     Rosewood Estates,     St. Paul Cathedral,    TCF Bank,     Blue Cross Blue Sheild,    Westwood Community Church,    Wooddale Church,  Mill City Farmers Market winter & Summer


Reuben is pursuing a full time status performing concerts and recitals as well as performing on his harp in  hospitals or healing centers as a Peaceful Healing Harp Practitioner. -Reuben would like to travel around the world and play healing music for the sick, dying and hurting people of the world. - He is in the process of writing  more music and arrangements for the harp and a harp instructional series as well.



SEA WHISPERINGS CD  approx 55min

 - 1990 -  9 original compositions and Reuben's arrangements. A Celtic and Classical Fusion of music stylings

*1. Sea Whisperings,

*2. Special Friends,

 3. Fantasy on the theme: Greensleeves,

*4. Meditation in a Candle's Glow,

*5. Minuet Karolina,

*6. Trees and Hills and Flowers A' Bloom,

 *7. Mis Hermanos,

*8. Meditation of the Winds,

 9. Be Thou My Vision,

*10. Theme of Hope,

*11. The Delightful Spring Day,

12. Canon in D,

13. Transcription for Celtic harp of Prelude in C,

14. Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring. * denotes original compositions

MANTLE OF PEACE CD approx 58 min

- 1992 Christmas and Winter Holiday music. Popular Christmas Carols with 2 original compositions.

1. Fanfare and Christmas Medley (O Come all Ye Faithful & Joy to the World),

2. Silent Night,

3. Good King Wenceslas,

4. Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring,

5. International Party Mix (a Medley of 7 carols from around the world)

6. Ode to Joy,

7. The Little Drummer Boy,

8. O Holy Night

9. Canon in D,

*10. Mantle of Peace,

11. Prelude in C,

12. *Snow Flake Lullaby. *denotes original compositions.

From the Bottom of My Harp approx 1 hour +  A thank you album to all of his family and the friends who have supported him and his recordings. It contains his arrangements of folk hyms a folk songs from around the world and 9 original creative and cheerful pieces.

1.  Vigsel - 1:16

2.  Danny Boy (Londonderry Air) - 3:30

3.  Amazing Grace-2:45

4.  Shaker Tune Variations, (Simple Gifts, " Lord of the Dance) - 5:34

5.  How Great Thou Art - 5:06

6.  The Mexican Hat Dance - 6:18

7. * Rachel's Dream (original) - 3:57

8.  Ode to Joy 2:59

9.  *Ludwig's Flourish (original) - 1:00

10. *From the Bottom of My Harp (original) - 3:10

11.  Country Gardens - 3:46 

12. * Under the shimmering Stars Waltz ( original)4:21

13. * Chiquita Bonita - 3:05

14. * Tanzen feur Harfe (original) - 4:06

15.   Swing Low Sweet Chariot - 7:00

ROCK OF AGES approx. 45 min.

- 1996 Ultimate Stress Relief recording which starts with the melody of Rock of Ages, finishes with Come Thou Fount, and is a continuous improvisation of beautiful ideas from beginning to end.


OUR BEAUTIFUL BABY  approx. 1hr.

- 2000 This cd was recorded without drastic high or low volumes to soothe baby to sleep and for adults who must listen to this cd over and over again. This recording honors Reuben & Carol's son Trevor's birth with 9 originals and Baby's first Celtic, Sacred, Classical, and Healing music categories

*1. Miraculous Descending Love,

*2. My hurry Up and Get Well Song,

*3. Chas’n My Tail,

4. I Love to see your Smile,

5. Twinkle Variations,

6. Medly of Love,

 7. Sheep May Safely Graze,

8. The Brahms Lullaby,

9. Ode to Joy,

10. The Ash Grove,

11. The Water is Wide,

*12. Our Beautiful Baby,

*13. Growing Up!,

*14. Bright Eyes,

*15. Snow Flake Lullaby,

*16. I will Love You Evermore,

17. Morning is Broken

* denotes original compositions


Solo Harp music for moments of tranquility and healing. 11 original compositions to bring the heart beat down to 60 beats per minute. the optimum rate for healing

1. Fountains in an Asian Garden (8:31)

2. Peaceful Prelude (1:14)

3. A Peaceful Journey (2:22)

4. Healing Waters (7:53

5. Searching for the Tranquil Garden (4:14)

6. Tranquil Garden (4:23)

7. Oceana: ('Oceana' is a tone poem about a diver wo dreams of meeting a whale in it's natural habitat.) 'Oceana' was a finalist in an International Composition Competition held in Dinan, Brittany France (7L41)

8. Wrap Your Loving Arms Around Me (5:27)

9. Touch Me with Your Healing Hands (8;42)

10.Northern Lights Interlude (2:21)

11 Autumn Dreams Waltz (7:11)



Folio # 1 - Favorites from Sea Whisperings cd(written Music) - 1992

Contains the following music from his cds.

1. The Delightful Spring Day,

2. Be Thou My Vision,

3.Trees and Hills and Flowers A'Bloom,

4. Mis Hermanos,

5. Special Friends, and

6. Ludwigs Flourish

7. Fantasy on the theme: Greensleeves

Shimmering Dancing Lights (written music for multiple harps) World Premier with 17 harps at the University of Alaska,  Anchorage AK - 2002

The Water is Wide  

Fanfare and Christmas Medley (O Come all Ye Faithful & Joy to the World),

(written for multiple harps)  Beginning / Intermediate l Level

Also available as a solo

Arrangement of" Canon in D"   by J. Pachelbel written in the key of G

Arrangement of "Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring" by J.S. Bach 

O Holy Night,

 Mantle of Peace,



OCEANA - TONE POEM - (written music) World Premier and Finalist at the International Composition Competition, Dinan - Brittany - France - 1993 Advanced Level

The Correa Family Crest


Events, Weddings, Lessons Information -



Scroll down to find:

1. Information on wedding,

 and party descriptions.

2. Harp Lesson descriptions and prices.

Special Note

 A Wedding description is 1st.  

Please Scroll down to the bottom of this page for information on private harp lessons. 


Reuben Correa is an Award Winning, Internationally Acclaimed Professional Harpist, Composer and Recording Artist who has been performing at weddings, receptions, and other special occasions and business events for over 26 years. He has developed the sensitivity of a professional ceremony and reception musician who is ready at his harp to play as needed throughout the ceremony.

His music is beautifully arranged for the calming, emotionally charged and the exciting moments of a wedding and other special events.


 Basic Wedding  / Special Occasion / Party Description.

Listen to Reuben's compositions from the SEA WHISPERINGS cd, OUR BEAUTIFUL BABY cd, and the MANTLE OF PEACE cd.

 There is a thin rectangular colored player on the top of each page.  Use the small arrow to scroll through the choices and use the large black arrow to play it.   Or you can just start the player and let it stream while you are working through Reuben’s web site.


 He offers a no hassle service, in that he makes very few demands on your time. He has done over 500 weddings, receptions and special events and is prepared for the best and worst case scenarios.

Reuben shows up, prepared and ready to play.

 There is no need to worry about making him comfortable, having food or drink on hand, placing a stage or umbrella for his sun protection, having someone to fan him or hand feed him with a silver spoon or give him shoulder rubs before and after each song... (well... maybe . . . if you really want too :)


In fact he doesn't want you to worry about any number of special considerations other harpists or instrumentalists require to have them play at your event.

 You show up to enjoy your wedding, and leave the harping to Reuben. He's there to serve your needs not the other way around.

 Reuben generally arrives 30 - 45 minutes before the event in case there are any changes to the program and to make sure the harp is ready.(The hour for the wedding starts at the time published on the contract.


Basic price per half an hour $125.00 per half an hour (30 minutes

Reuben has a 1 hour minimum starting $250.00

Location outside of the Hwy 494 / 694 loop require an extra delivery fee round trip.



 Wedding 9 - 11 -2010


We thoroughly enjoyed working with you and appreciate your talent,
creativity and flexibilty in performing at our wedding.  We will
certainly consider hiring you again when an appropriate occasion arises
or recommending you to our friends.


V.& M.



    An hour By the clock. This is not an hour of "music" it means from the time printed on the contract.  So... if you have a really, really late start to your event, or a split in the middle for a meeting, or toasts or other pauses, Reuben will only be there for the time the contract states. This is Reuben's minimum and that includes:


Reuben will deliver his harp free for you within the 494 / 694 loop.  He usually arrives 30 - 45 minutes prior to the start of the contracted time for set-up, tuning, and warm up. 


This music is played for seating of the guests prior to the ceremony. It is a time where they greet each other in excitement and anticipation of the ceremony.  After Reuben warms up he will begin the prelude.   10 – 15 minutes of time. 


 You can have as many processionals as you like.  Meaning you can have a different piece of music for each party that processes up the aisle if you'd like to honor them in such a way. 


In American weddings everybody precedes the bride, so you can have a song for grandparents,  parents of the bride and groom, for the Wedding Party and then for the Bride .   (Reuben has done weddings in the past that have had up to 5 different processional songs. )

In some European weddings the wedding party (Ladies and children) trails the Bride, while the men support the groom as he awaits his bride.


Its okay with Reuben, its your wedding do what you want to do.  Follow family traditions if you want or make up your own.




 The wedding service music can be as much or as little as you want. You can do a solo in between each element,  such as solos for readings, vows, rings, unity candle, etc. or you can have something played as a background to  one or two elements such as hand fasting, or lighting a Unity Candle, joining locks and throwing away the keys. Making a time capsule, pouring sand into a container

 If a baby starts to cry, or a reader has a long way to walk Reuben will usually start to play quietly just enough to get them where they are going or if they are especially nervous he will accompany them all the way through the reading, very lightly in the background. 



 Exciting, Glissandos and Joyous happy music accompany this element of the ceremony. As the name implies this is when the the bride, groom, and wedding party are released from the ceremony 


 This is the time when the guests are released from the ceremony site. It can be done formally by the ushers, or the Bride and Groom can come back into the room and release the guests, or the guests can all just leave by whatever means they wish. 

This music is in essence a continuation of the Recessional.  If there is a receiving line at the wedding location this will give the guests something to listen to while waiting to be released.

 It is basically a mini harp concert.  Reuben will continue performing until the end of the hour or when  the last person has left the ceremony site which ever comes first…



 The exception to this time is if you have hired him to play at a different location for the punch or social hour and needs to drive or re- set up in a different location or room. Then he will leave the wedding site in enough time to change locations.



 After the signing of the contract, you receive a free consultation to choose the music for your special day.

 This is usually accomplished 1 - 6 months to prior to the ceremony depending on when you book him, generally takes 30 – 40 minutes and allows you to invite as many people as you need to make the decisions. (For last minute weddings, meaning a week or two prior to, or the day of, ( yes Reuben has been hired the day of an event ) Reuben will direct you to his web site to choose your selections.)  






 “I never really realized how important it was to have high quality musicians for my wedding.  I just thought playing a cd was good enough. NOT!   My friends told me how tacky that would be.

Thank you for your beautiful music 

Ariel, August 11, 2008





  Harp Lessons




Reuben will start a new student whenever they want to start. He has been teaching for over 25 years.

He has just finished Book 1 of his harp method called "Spread Your Wings and Fly"

Reuben provides all music and lesson materials as the student progresses.

 While many of his students have gone on to be Professional soloists, recording artists and music therapists, most students simply want to unlock the secrets of this ancient and beautiful instrument for their own enjoyment.

Reuben does have a limited number of appointments for lessons.  He prefers that if children are taking piano lessons a decision should be made to stop those lessons until the student has developed the proper harp technique.

Harp fingerings are just the opposite of piano and may cause distress and confusion in children.



Those younger than 8 years old may have difficulty plucking the strings.  The string tension of some harps can be strong enough to damage the delicate tissues of children's fingers.

Adult learners do not have to have prior music experiences. Reuben will teach them the basics of music as they learn the harp.

Reuben teaches all students how to warm - up properly to avoid injury,

how to practice (so as not to waste time), 

how to read music which consists of learning the note values and the names of the lines and spaces, and key signatures. 

Students can also learn basic harmony, and musicality.

Students must have their own harp but Reuben advises that it should not be purchased or rented until the student has been scheduled for a first lesson. 

Mr. Correa asks this of his students so that they will not have to unlearn poor plucking technique (when they try to do it on their own) in order to learn proper technique. 

 He advises renting the instrument prior to purchasing or building a harp (kit) so that the student's passion for the instrument can be developed, otherwise you may end up with a really beautiful &  expensive piece of furniture in your home.

Reuben gives most lessons in the students home or their chosen practice space so that they may play their instrument in the environment that they are used to. 

He understands that  it takes time to set up, tune the instrument and get settled in when the student must travel to a different location. 

 Also there is a certain amount of nervousness that students endure when they enter unfamiliar spaces and he wishes to alleviate any source of stress that could hinder the learning process.

Pricing Options

All lessons cost 60.00 per 1 hour lesson.(there are no half hour lessons) You may share your lesson with one other person at the same location.


Reuben accepts cash, checks, major credit cards and Zelle, Paypal.

 Comments From Past Customers 



  Reuben Is a sweet and gentle mentor who is very very patient and lets me grow into music at my own pace.


S. M 2013




4. Alphabetical Listing of Reuben's Repertoire.  Including Original Compositions, and Arrangements of Favorite Songs and Transcriptions with the Title and Composers Name.

A Thousand Years

All I Ask of You - Andrew Lloyd Weber

Amazing Grace - Traditional Scottish (From the Bottom of My Harp CD)

Ash Grove (The) Traditional English -(Our Beautiful Baby CD)- 

Ascend to the Heaven's by Reuben Correa -(Not Recorded on this site)


Be Thou My Vision Traditional Irish -(Sea Whisperings CD)- 

Beautiful Savior Traditional hymn -(Not Recorded on this site)

 Bridal March by R. Wagner -(Not Recorded on this site)- -(also known as Here Comes the Bride)

Bright Eyes - Original by Reuben Correa - Our Beautiful Baby cd)


Canon in D by J. Pachelbel -(Sea Whisperings, and Mantle of Peace CD) - 

Chasin' My Tail - (JPF Music Awards Finalist) Original by Reuben Correa - Our Beautiful Baby cd)

Country Gardens - Traditional English - arr. by Reuben Correa



Danny Boy - Traditional Scottish - arr. by Reuben Correa

Delightful Spring Day (The) by Reuben Correa -(Sea Whisperings CD) -


Fairest Lord Jesus aka Beautiful Savior (not recorded on this site.)



Greensleeves (Fantasy on the Theme of - Traditional English -  arr. Reuben Correa  (Sea Whisperings CD)- 

Growing up - Original by Reuben Correa - Our Beautiful Baby cd) 


Here Comes the Sun

How Great Thou Art - traditional hymn from Sweden - arr. Reuben Correa 


I Love to See Your Smile - Original by Reuben Correa - Our Beautiful Baby cd)

I Will Love You Evermore - Original by Reuben Correa - Our Beautiful Baby cd)

It is Well With My Soul Traditional hymn -(Our Beautiful Baby CD) -



 Jake's Jig - Original by Reuben Correa - Not recorded on this site

Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring - J. S. Bach - arr. Reuben Correa (Sea Whisperings and Mantle of Peace cd.)



La Rejoussance by G.F. Handel -(Not Recorded on this site)-

Lo How a Rose - Traditional Latin / German Christmas Carol - arr. Reuben Correa (not recorded on this site.

Lovely is the Dark Blue Sky - Traditional Danish - arr. Reuben Correa (Mantle of Peace cd)

Ludwig's Flourish By Reuben Correa A score is available of this arrangement -(Not Recorded on this site)


Marvel` (The)  - Original by Reuben Correa -(Not Recorded on this site)-

Meditation of the Winds - Original by Reuben Correa (Sea Whisperings cd)

 Medititation in a Candle's Glow - Original by Reuben Correa (Sea Whisperings cd)

Medly of Love - A. It is Well With My Soul, B. Jesus Loves Me, C. Praise Him, D. Jesus Loves the Little Children, E. It is Well... Reprise - arr. by Reuben Correa - (Our Beautiful Baby cd)

Minuet Karolina - Original by Reuben Correa (Sea Whisperings cd)

Miraculous Love Descending - Original by Reuben Correa - (Our Beautiful Baby cd)

Mis Hermanos (JPF Music Awards Nominee) -  Original by Reuben Correa  - (Sea Whisperings cd)

Morning is Broken - traditional Irish tune arr. by Reuben Correa - (Our Beautiful Baby cd)

My Hurry up and Get Well Song - Original by Reuben Correa - (Our Beautiful Baby cd) 


Ode to Joy by L.v. Beethoven -(Mantle of Peace cd)

Our Beautiful Baby - Original by Reuben Correa - (Our Beautiful Baby cd)




Prelude in C by J.S. Bach -(Sea Whisperings CD)-



 Queen's Romp - Original by Reuben Correa (not recorded on this site.)


 Rachel's Dream - Original by Reuben Correa not recorded on this site.


Scarbrough Fair Traditional English arr. By Reuben Correa (not recorded on this site.

Sea Whisperings  - Original by Reuben Correa (Sea Whisperings cd)

Sheep May Safely Graze By J.S. Bach -(Our Beautiful Baby CD)- )-

Silent Night - Traditional German Christmas Carol arr. by Reuben Correa (Mantle of Peace cd)

Shaker Tune Variations (AKA) Simple Gifts & Lord of the Dance - traditional American - arr. by Reuben Correa - not recorded on this site

Snowflake Lullaby - Original by Reuben Correa - Our Beautiful Baby cd)

Somewhere Over the Rainbow - from the Wizard of Oz

Special Friends by Reuben Correa -(Sea Whisperings CD)

Sunrise Sunset, from Fiddler on the Roof (not recorded on this site)


Swing Low Sweet Chariot - traditional American - arr. Reuben Correa



The Brahms Lullaby - Johannes Brahms - arr. by Reuben Correa - (Our Beautiful Baby cd)

The Water is Wide Traditional Scottish arr. by Reuben Correa -(Our Beautiful Baby CD)-

Theme of Hope - Original by Reuben Correa - (Sea Whisperings cd)

Twinkle Variations - traditional nursery rhyme - Our Beautiful Baby cd)

The Ash Grove Traditional English -(Our Beautiful Baby CD)- 

The Delightful Spring Day by Reuben Correa -(Sea Whisperings CD) -

The Marvel` by Reuben Correa -(Not Recorded on this site)-

The Queen's Romp (not rump) Original composition by Reuben Correa

The Rose sung by Bette Midler ( not recorded on this site)

The Water is Wide - Traditional Scottish melody - arr. by Reuben Correa - (Our Beautiful Baby cd)

Toccata in 'G' (The Joyful ) original composition by Reuben Correa

 Trees and Hills and Flowers' A'bloom by Reuben Correa -(Sea Whisperings CD)


Vigsel Traditional Norwegian Wedding song. -(Not Recorded on this site)


 Water is Wide Traditional (The) Scottish arr. by Reuben Correa -(Our Beautiful Baby CD)- 

Wedding or Bridal March by R. Wagner -(Not Recorded on this site)- -(also known as Here Comes the )Bride

Wedding March by Mendelssohn (usually played as a recessional)